Hospital Supercomputer In Boston Predicts Death With Almost 96% Confidence

Death is inevitable. But some of us would rather avoid having the date and time for when nature plans to have its way.

A computer in Boston however, has been letting the secret slip and its predictions are (according to doctors) pretty accurate.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center houses a supercomputer that has data on 250,000 patients for the last 30 years.

This gives it the ability to predict death with almost 96% confidence.

"So if the computer says you're going to die you probably will die in the next 30 days," Dr Steve Horng told the BBC.

The only silver lining to this black cloud is the computer's ability to also accurately spot rare diseases that could be missed by doctors.

Behind this terrifying capability, is the machine's ability to record and analyse data at a frightening pace.

According to the BBC, metrics including blood pressure and oxygen levels are collected and analysed every three minutes.

Based on this information, it can diagnose patients at a faster rate than doctors, while also predicting the likelihood of the person having a certain disease.

"So, for example this computer thinks that this patient has a 99% chance of having some sort of chest pain and they only have 26% of having heart failure..." Horng said.

While the thought of having a computer dictate your treatment may not be everyone's cup of medication, the machine only exists to help doctors not replace them, Horng assures us.

"It is really about augmenting doctors' ability to take care of patients."