Tony Abbott Heckled And Totally Fails To Laugh It Off

Australian PM Tony Abbott was giving a speech on Sunday when a man from the crowd decided to chip in with his opinion of the government.

In a glorious Aussie voice a gent shouts simply: "You're all a bunch of wankers!"

Abbott tries to roll with the punch and laugh it off but... well just watch.

Stephen Daisly sums it up perfectly...

Abbott us having a bit of a rough time right now as he faces a coup from Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“A little while ago I met with the Prime Minister and advised him that I would be challenging him for the leadership of the Liberal Party,” he told reporters in Canberra.

“I asked him to arrange or facilitate a meeting of the party room to enable a leadership ballot to be held.”

And just for the hell of it, here's a reminder of when Abbott ate a whole raw onion.

And here's the 14 most fecking stupid things he's done...

Saying that climate change is "absolute crap"

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