15/09/2015 05:40 BST | Updated 15/09/2015 10:59 BST

Cliff Richard Is Praying For His Accusers Of Historic Sex Offences, Says Broadcaster Paul Gambaccini

Cliff Richard is praying to God to forgive his accusers of historic sex abuse offences, according to Paul Gambaccini.


The veteran pop singer is "a wonderful human being" according to Paul, who goes on to explain that "anger is not his main response" to the allegations, over which he has not faced any charges, nor been arrested.

He described Cliff's state of mind on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, saying, "He's keeping his wits, and he knows of the love and support he's getting from the British public. We are in contact, and I'm glad to be able to be of support to him."

Cliff Richard recently made a public outing to sing at the funeral of his close friend Cilla Black

The music writer and broadcaster also called Cliff a generous and religious man, and revealed a conversation where he told the singer they could not insult their accusers because they didn't know their state of mind.

According to Paul, Cliff replied, "I have been praying to God to forgive my accuser."

Paul, who was arrested in October 2013 and held on bail for a year before being cleared, remains convinced of Cliff's innocence, telling the radio station, "If Cliff Richard is ever convicted of any criminal offence, I will eat mine, Paddy Ashdown and Alastair Campbell's hats."

Paul Gambaccini has written a book about his experience, which he calls a true story of a terrible episode in the history of British justice.

Paul Gambaccini writes that he was abandoned by the Labour Party that he had supported for 25 years

But while he is scathing about the Crown Prosecution Service, Paul reserves his greatest contempt for the Labour Party, whom he explains he had actively supported for 25 years, and hosted Ed Miliband and other senior party members at a party in his flat the year before.

Paul says that, when he was arrested, friends rallied round but he received no word of support from Labour Party members. He adds that he was uninvited to their annual drinks party at Christmas, for fear of being photographed with the party leader, while he was under police investigation.

He says the real crowner came when Stephen Fry hosted the annual Labour Party Gala, where the comedian spoke out publicly against Yewtree.

According to Paul, "Stephen told the truth about Yewtree, and Ed was furious, and cursed Stephen when he returned (Neil Kinnock gave him a hug).

"Then in response, a spokesman for Ed Miliband says he gives Operation Yewtree his complete support.

Paul's contempt is evident, when he says, "Any man who favours his own political ambitions over the sense of justice for others is undeserving of any position in government down to and including dog catcher … so, Ed Miliband, woof."

CORRECTION: We previously stated that Sir Cliff Richard is currently on police bail. We now understand this is not the case and have updated the story accordingly, and extend our apologies to Sir Cliff for mis-stating the case.

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