Graphic Shows Effect Alcohol Has On Your Vision (And Reveals When Beer Goggles Really Kick In)

This Is What Happens To Your Eyesight When You Drink Booze
Clinic Compare

We all know alcohol has the potential to affect our eyesight, which in turn can contribute to us making some rather questionable decisions.

But at what stage during a night out do the beer goggles really kick in?

To find out, experts from Clinic Compare have created an interactive tool that demonstrates the effects alcohol has on vision as we drink.

Choose your gender and drag the cursor along its corresponding line, then watch as your eyesight fades with each beverage.

(A larger version of the graphic is available to view here.)

The graphic demonstrates that vision will become "slightly blurry" for men and "blurry" for women after just three units of alcohol.

The NHS recommends that men drink no more than 3-4 units of alcohol per day and women have no more than 2-3 units per day.

If you regularly experience blurry vision due to alcohol consumption, you may have more to worry about than videos of your booze-induced dancing.

"Long term alcohol abuse and short term excessive alcohol use can both lead to permanent loss of vision owing to the direct effect of alcohol on the optic nerves," Alexander Ionides, a consultant ophthalmologist at Clinic Compare tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle .

"Your eyes are associated with many organs throughout the body, the effect alcohol has on your brain and liver, for example, also has a consequential impact on your eye health.

"To avoid the risk of developing conditions such as toxic amblyopia (a permanent loss of vision and blindness caused by alcohol) always remember to drink occasionally and in moderation."

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