New York Man Watches His Flat Get Robbed Via His Smartphone

When Danny Wheeler installed a smart home security camera in his living room the last thing he imagined (indeed hoped) was that it would ever be put to use.

Yet on Tuesday 15 September Danny's phone popped up with one of the worst notifications you can probably receive: There's an intruder in your house.

Opening up the app Danny looked on in astonishment as the camera sent live video of a man entering his flat through the window.

The incredible video shows a young man with a baseball cap entering the flat through the window and looking around before letting in another intruder.

The first then enters a bedroom and manages to pocket around $500 of jewellery before a neighbour notices and starts questioning them both.

Realising the game is up one of the leaves through the front door while the other escapes through the window.

Canary is a smart home sensor that connects to the internet. When the camera detects movement when it shouldn't, it then sends an alert to the homeowner's smartphone.

According to CNET both intruders are still at large.