18/09/2015 06:21 BST | Updated 18/09/2015 10:00 BST

Sex Calculator Reveals How Many Calories You Burn During Intercourse

We all know that sex is a great form of exercise. But do you know how many calories you actually burn off when getting down to it?

HuffPost UK Lifestyle has been given exclusive access to a 'Sexercise' online test from Superdrug, which calculates how many calories you and your partner burn off while getting jiggy with it.

To complete the test you need to enter your gender and weight, as well as your partner's gender and weight, and then select the position(s) that you engage in during sex, and how long you do each position for.


The tool calculates how many calories you've burned during sex, as well as what other exercise this equates to (for example, walking five miles) and what foods it equates to (for example, four onion rings).

In an intense 80-minute session, the tool suggests that men and women can burn nearly 300 calories. This burns off five Oreos, or almost two beers. It also equates to running three miles or doing yoga for over an hour.

We don't know about you, but we'll take sex over running any day...

The tool also shares the typical amount of calories a couple will burn during light, moderate and intense sessions.

During a light sex session, lasting 32 minutes, a man can expect to burn 61 calories while his female partner will burn 59.


During a moderate session, lasting 46 minutes, a man can expect to burn 106 calories while his female partner will burn 101.


Finally, during an intense sex session, lasting 80 minutes, a man can expect to burn 290 calories while his female partner will burn 282.



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