GRAPHIC: Woman's 20-Year-Old Cyst Finally Gets Popped On American TV

Woman's 20-Year-Old Cyst Gets Popped For TV Show (GRAPHIC WARNING)


An American woman has had her 20-year-old cyst popped in front of a live audience on a medical TV show.

The unnamed woman describes the lump on the back of her head as the "size of an egg" and talks about how insecure it makes her feel.

One of the medical team that performed the operation described the infliction as "not life-threatening" and told viewers that the "cheesy contents" are just skin.

The cyst before the procedure to remove it

Dr Sandra Lee, who personally performed the removal, continued to tell viewers that the growths are very common and can run in families.

Despite this, the patient said that the lump began to form on her head after she'd had a fall, leaving her to mask the cyst - which she's named Arthur - with her hair.

"Every hour I’m constantly asking my husband that it isn’t popping out, it makes me extremely insecure" she said.

When it was time to get rid of the cyst, Dr Lee declared "Lets just take it off!" rather excitedly before the disgusting scenes that followed.

The surgical procedure leaves little to the imagination and the medical staff used sharp instruments to pierce the sac of skin before squeezing the horrendous-looking contents out.

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