This Is What Happens When Kids Try Dial-Up Internet For The First Time


Remember dial-up internet and your mum bollocking you to get off so she could use the phone? These kids don't...

Until now, the struggle of all that beeping and churning during the five minutes it took to connect has been lost on them.

Considering the children of today don't remember, they have provided some pretty inventive ways of describing the racket.

One girl just couldn't bear it

The video, produced by BT, asked the volunteers (ranging from four to 11 years old) to try out the device for the very first time, capturing their responses.

One child magically says he thinks dial-up sounds like "the moon," before going on to say, quite cryptically, "I would imagine that the dinosaurs and the aliens would dance together."

It can definitely be said that today’s children, often referred to as digital natives, were surprised when dealing with what was once cutting-edge technology.

We think it's fair to say that the mass disapproval also summarises how likely it is to get dial-up internet back into our homes.

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