21/09/2015 04:42 BST | Updated 21/09/2015 04:59 BST

John Lennon Appears To Mock Disabled People In Previously Unseen Footage, Leaving Music Fans Shocked (VIDEO)

TV show ‘It Was Alright In The ‘60s’ gave many music fans a shock, when it aired a segment that featured John Lennon mocking disabled people.

The clip - which can be seen above- was filmed at one of The Beatles’ performances, and in it John urges the crowd to clap and stamp their feet, while making movements that have been described by one Twitter user as “distasteful learning disabilities impressions”.

John Lennon

The Channel 4 programme is designed to highlight the ways in which the entertainment industry, and our ideas of what is acceptable, has changed over the years, and the clip of John has proved to be one of the most shocking yet:

Channel 4 have created a series of shows in the ‘It Was Alright In The…’ franchise, and previous episodes have taken a closer look at music, television shows and films from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Watch the video footage of John above…

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