Pizza Rat Makes Off With Cold Pizza Slice (VIDEO)

A rat has been caught on camera desperately trying to salvage a slice of pizza left on the New York Subway.

'Pizza rat', as he has been cleverly crowned on social media, is pictured slowly descending the stairs at one of the US city's many underground stations carrying the cold slice of baked goodness.

Cradling the succulent breaded treat in his paws, the animal successfully manages to make off towards a platform with his dinner tumbling down in tow.

Pizza Rat wrestles the suspected margarita down, confronted only with a troublesome step three from the bottom of the staircase.

What became of Monday night's Internet phenomenon and his dinner remains a mystery.

The wily camera-operator left us all on a cliff-hanger when they cut to black before we learnt the fate of Pizza Rat and his much sought after pizza.