22/09/2015 07:40 BST | Updated 23/09/2015 05:59 BST

Colour Blind Pal App Lets People 'See Colour' For The First Time

A world without colour can be a drab place to be.

Yet for many who are colour blind, this is the world they find themselves in. A new app, Colour Blind Pal, is hoping to change all that by letting colour blind people 'see' the colours around them.

In an interesting twist, it will also allow people with normal vision to experience what it's like to be colour blind.

Released on September 15, the app carries two modes: "Inspecting Colour" or "Filtering Colour."

If you're unable to see certain colours such as orange or green clearly, all you'll have to do is point your camera at whatever object you are looking at and the app will give you a written description of the colour it's detecting.

You can also choose from a range of filters that will alter the image accordingly to show you a colour blind person's perspective.


The app is only available for iPhone or iPad users and it gives customers a range of everyday scenarios it aims to solve.

"If someone gives you a green form and a yellow form and asks you to fill out the green one, open the Color Inspector to tell which is which."

The reviews so far, have been positive. One lady whose husband is colour blind said: "As the wife of a colour blind person, I dl'ed this for our kids to understand what he sees.

"One problem I've found though is it does not read grey correctly. I've tried different grey items in varying lights all the way to full sunlight. It usually reports the item as some type of yellow/brown."

Colour Blind Pal is free for a limited time and will go on sale soon although its creators are yet to state a price.