'EastEnders' Spoiler: Ben Mitchell And Paul Coker Caught Out By A Stunned Phil Mitchell

Gotcha! 'EastEnders' Couple Caught Out By The Worst Person Possible

Secret couple Ben Mitchell and Paul Coker are set for drama in ‘EastEnders’, when they’re caught out by none other than Phil Mitchell.

The hardman gets a shock when he takes a trip to the car lot, only to find Ben and Paul in a compromising position.

How will Phil react?

While a shocked Ben scrambles for his clothes, Paul proves he’s one of the bravest (or most stupid?) Walford residents, by a cracking a joke to an unamused Phil.

Paul and Ben have been in an on-off relationship since Les and Pam’s grandson arrived in the Square earlier this year, and Phil’s discovery is likely to have huge ramifications for the pair.


This isn’t Ben’s first relationship with another man, but he’s always tried to keep his sexuality under wraps since going back in the closet following his release from prison - is it about to become public knowledge?

Back in July, Paul and Ben had a secret tryst in the undertaker’s, and the scene sparked a number of complaints from viewers, mainly due to the fact they got down to business with a corpse in the room.

TV watchdogs Ofcom opted against an investigation, stating at the time: “Ofcom assessed a number of complaints about a storyline in these episodes and concluded they didn't raise issues warranting further investigation.

"We found the scenes were justified in the context of a long-running plotline and sexual contact between the characters was implied rather than overt.

"Our rules don't discriminate between scenes involving opposite sex and same sex couples."

Watch ‘EastEnders’ on Tuesday 2 October to see the events unfold.

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