Fidel Lopez Claims He Disemboweled Girlfriend Maria Nemeth For Calling Out Ex Husband's Name During Sex

Man Disemboweled Girlfriend 'For Calling Out Ex-Husband's Name During Sex'

A man has admitted attacking and disemboweling his girlfriend after she called out her ex-husband’s name during sex, police say.

Fidel Lopez called the emergency servies to his Florida home on Sunday morning, claiming his partner was having trouble breathing.

Officers responding said they found 24-year-old Lopez crying in the bathroom next to 31-year-old Maria Nemeth's naked body, the Associated Press reports.

Fidel Lopez has been charged with first degree murder

Police say Lopez initially told investigators that the couple had been having sex when Nemeth went into the bathroom, vomited and collapsed.

After further questioning, Lopez revealed that he became enraged with Nemeth when she called out her ex-husband's name during sex and he attacked and disemboweled her.

Miami CBS Local reports Lopez told officers he and Nemeth had been indulging in rough sex after drinking tequila.

Brutally graphic details of the attack and injuries suffered by Nemeth are cited in the report.

Lopez has been charged with first degree murder.


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