‘Coronation Street' Live Episode: Tina O'Brien's Performance As Sarah Platt Praised By Viewers

'Coronation Street' Fans Give Their Verdict On #CorrieLive
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'Coronation Street' viewers have praised actress Tina O’Brien, following the ambitious #CorrieLive episode.

The show saw Tina, who plays Sarah Platt, at the centre of the action, as she battled drug dealer Callum, and struggled to cope when Kylie killed him with a wrench.

After the episode, soap fans have applauded Tina for her star turn, along with actress Paula Lane, who plays Kylie Platt:

Tina returned to ‘Corrie’ earlier this year, when her character Sarah returned from Milan with her daughter Bethany.

Within weeks of making her soap comeback, Tina was thrown in at the deep end, and in the months since she’s been at the centre of a number of dramatic episodes, alongside Callum actor Sean.

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