Over 50 Per Cent All Small Businesses Still Don't Have A Website Says Study

Worryingly, The UK's Smallest Companies Are Missing This Vital Piece Of Tech

A study has found that 60 per cent of small businesses in the UK still don't have their own website.

Defined by having five employees or less, many of these business reportedly fear that their growth as a company will suffer as a result of this.

The study was carried out by RedShift Research at the request of GoDaddy and found that over a third of those asked felt their business was too small to warrant a website.

A fifth also believed that time was a problem - citing a lack of free time to work on building a website. A fifth also believed that the costs of getting one setup were simply too prohibitive.

While this seems like it's all bad news, the report did find that many small businesses are working to change their situation.

A third of those without have already said that they plan on starting a website in the next two years, fulfilling a vital gap in their own promotional capabilities.


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