QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge Of The Best Shows In ITV's 60-Year History With Our Exclusive TV Nostalgia Quiz!

ITV have been celebrating their 60th anniversary this week, which has inspired us to go down memory lane and remember some of our favourite shows.


But how well do we actually know the programmes on this channel, which launched back in 1955 with an outside broadcast (ambitious!) from London's Guildhall of a dinner to celebrate the the channel's own launch. The first ad of the night? Gibbs SR Toothpaste.

Since then, it's been an overwhelming collection of exhilarating, sometimes excruciating, telly ranging from documentaries about countries waging war, to shows about celebrities wrestling.

Test your knowledge of ITV's huge catalogue in our BIG quiz below... feel free to share with your friends and let us know how you got on!