Car Parked Across Two Spaces In Asda Invites Flurry Of Passive-Aggressive Notes

Asda Shopper Who Hogged Two Parking Spaces Is Plastered With Angry Notes

If you park like this, get ready to feel the wrath of your fellow drivers - as the owner of this Daewoo swiftly found out.

The vehicle was pictured greedily straddling two spaces at an Asda in West Bridgford earlier this week and quickly made its way onto social media.

If you are going to do this, your fellow drivers will be sure to make you pay

Irked shoppers opted to show their displeasure by plastering the car with passive-aggressive notes.

“Knew they did disabled parking spaces. But now parking spaces for the blind…” said one.

“Park in the lines,” said another, evidently from the school of stating-the-bloody-obvious.

One even left a helpful diagram illustrating just how to perform the complex feat of parking.

But one fan urged the driver not to listen to the haters – imploring: “Ignore these losers – I love your parking!”

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