Marks & Spencer Shortens Fly Zip On Trousers, Men Are Not Happy

Marks & Spencer Seriously Underestimated The Men Of Britain

Marks & Spencer have seriously underestimated the men of Britain.

The high street retailer thought nothing of it when they decided to shorten the zip on a pair of their popular chino trousers by an inch...

But it turns out, some guys definitely noticed.

A number of people left reviews on the M&S website reporting "logistical difficulties" and an "uncomfortably snug" fit after purchasing a re-designed pair of Activewaist Water Repellent Flat Front Cotton Chinos, priced at £29.95.

One shopper from Edinburgh said: "The trousers fit reasonably well but the fly zip is not long enough."

Another man from Cambridge moaned: "The zip is 2cm shorter than on previous trousers I have bought from M&S. The short fly opening prevents its use for the intended purpose, meaning that I have to undo my belt and undo two buttons then do them all up again instead."

The horror!

A spokesman for Marks & Spencer told the Daily Mail that a small batch of chino trousers had been made with shorter zips.

"We had a very small number of customer complaints. We addressed this quickly and the zips are now back to the standard length," they confirmed.

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