What Does Sexual Consent Mean? Video Series Proves The Answer Is Quite Simple

You'd think the concept of consent would be pretty simple to understand, yet it seems some people are still confused about when it is and isn't okay to have sex with another person.

To clarify what consent means, the team at Planned Parenthood have created a series of videos laying down the facts.

In the first video, featured above, the narrator says: "Consent means that both parties are really, truly into what’s going on.

"This means nobody is being guilted or pressured into doing anything. Silence does not equal consent."

He goes on to break down the five pillars of consent you should always be hitting before you have sex:

:: Everyone's clear about what's going to happen next.

:: Everyone in the situation has the freedom to say no, without being pressured or hassled.

:: Everyone is being honest about whether or not they're on birth control, have an STI, or are having sex with other people.

:: Everyone has the right to stop at any time - saying yes to sex once does not mean you're saying yes to it forever.

:: Sex is about connection, so respect each other and sex will be better for both of you.

The rest of the videos in the series are titled "When You Know They’re Into It", "When They’re Kinda Into It", and "When They’re Just Not Into It".

Actors in the films demonstrate various examples of how the issue of consent may arise in real life.

One thing is made very clear by the end of the series: consent really is quite simple.

The Consent Project