Dad Overexcited As Young Daughter Catches Huge Fish With Her Bright Pink Barbie Fishing Pole

A daddy-daughter fishing trip ended in complete excitement when this little girl used her solid Barbie fishing pole to catch a five pound bass.

All by herself.

When Avery feels the fish on the end of her pole she's initially convinced she isn't going to be able to get it, but she's encouraged by her father cheering her on.

"Keep reeling," he says repeatedly.

The two-minute video which had more than 470,000 views in just two days shows Avery as she continues to try to reel in the fish on her bright pink fishing pole.

As Avery starts to feel the fish pulling on the other end, she gets giggly and starts screaming with excitement.

The same can be said for her dad who is bristling with anticipation.

The Barbie fishing pole

Avery's reaction is priceless when the huge, five pound bass pokes out the surface of the water.

Points to that Barbie pole for pulling in that fish, but also to Avery who did all that work.