'Doctor Who': Slipknot Frontman Corey Taylor Provides Scream For 'The Fisher King'

Unlikely Rocker Makes 'Doctor Who' Guest Appearance

A future episode of ‘Doctor Who’ features an unlikely guest star, with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor making his debut in the sci-fi drama.


However, fans of the rock group won’t actually be able to see Corey, as he’s actually just lending his voice to one of the show’s alien characters.

The Mirror reports that his infamous scream will be heard in the episode, coming from an extraterrestrial warlord named the Fisher King, who will go head to head with The Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi.

Corey Taylor, shortly after stepping on a Lego

Corey confirmed the news himself on his Twitter page, telling his fans: “You have NO idea how hard it's been to keep this awesome secret.”

According to The Mirror, producers approached Corey to record his voice for the show earlier this year, after hearing that he was a massive Whovian.

Peter and Jenna as The Doctor and Clara

As has come to be expected from ‘Doctor Who’, the latest series is as heavy with guest stars as ever.

‘Game Of Thrones’ actress Maisie Williams will be putting in an appearance later in the series, in an as-of-yet undisclosed role, while Peter Capaldi’s former ‘The Thick Of It’ co-star Rebecca Front also has a guest part.

Jenna Coleman, who has played The Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald, recently confirmed that she was stepping down from the show at the end of the current series, and will be playing Queen Victoria in a forthcoming biopic about the British monarch.

Catch Corey’s ‘Doctor Who’ episode on Saturday (10 October), on BBC One.

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