28/09/2015 12:34 BST | Updated 28/09/2015 12:59 BST

'EastEnders' Spoiler: Dean Wicks And Mick Carter For Watery New Year Showdown, As Linda Carter Rape Plot Reaches Climax

EastEnders’ Dean Wicks will finally be brought to justice for raping Linda Carter, it has been revealed.


Executive producer Dominic Treadwell Collins has teased a big stunt that will bring the long-running plot to a satisfying end in the New Year.

Dean Wicks and Mick Carter are set for a New Year showdown

It looks like there will be a showdown involving Dean - played by Matt Di Angelo - and Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) in a watery situation.

Speaking at the Radio Times Festival, Dominic said of the storyline’s climax: “There is a big resolution coming up in the New Year. Danny’s just been fitted for a wetsuit and he’s going into some water.”

Danny confirmed: “I found myself in a wetsuit the other day thinking, ‘What the f***?!’”

He added: “I love Matt Di Angelo – but f***ing hate Dean with a passion. The geezer’s going to get it, don’t worry.

“We are going to wrap it up and it’s going to be done in a very clever way.

“I did want to kill him but Dom was right, that’s not the way forward.”

Dean Wicks raped Linda Carter last year

The Walford hairdresser sexually attacked his sister-in-law in a hard-hitting episode last October, but the character has so far gone unpunished for his actions, as police dropped charges due to lack of evidence.

The following months saw Linda discover she was pregnant, not knowing if her rapist was the father of her unborn baby.

However, when she gave birth to a son, Ollie, in May, a paternity test revealed that Mick was the dad, much to the relief of the couple.

Meanwhile, Dean’s dark side has begun to re-emerge, as he was recently seen deliberately burning girlfriend Roxy Mitchell with a set of hair straighteners.

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