Your Hipster Beard May Be Hindering Your Career, According To New Survey

Your Hipster Beard May Be Hindering Your Career

Have a giant bushy beard? Your boss might secretly hate you for it.

Beards made a list of 20 ‘items’ or looks considered inappropriate for the workplace.

Other no-nos included too much cleavage, crop-tops and novelty ties, according to a survey of 2,000 workers by staff uniform provider Simon Jersey.

But David Dade, the President of TBBC (The British Beard Club) was having none of it, claiming beards “allow men to show their masculinity rather than stifle it by shaving.”

He also added that the inclusion of facial hair in the list may have been a “broadside” at hipsters who have adopted the beard in recent years.

More than six in 10 people believe the way they dress or look may have had an effect on their chances of getting a pay rise or promotion.

Their fears may be well-founded as 37% of managers admitted they have overlooked someone for consistently dressing inappropriately.

Two thirds of managers said they would be less likely to give someone a job if there was something they didn’t like about their appearance during the interview and one in 50 bosses have actually fired someone over the way they dress.

No word on whether someone's been fired for having an epic beard yet though.

See the list in full below:

1. Crop tops

2. Tops which show cleavage

3. Mini-skirts

4. Baseball caps

5. Flip flops

6. Beanie hats

7. Visible underwear

8. T-shirts or tops with large logos or images

9. Backless tops

10. Ripped jeans

11. Strapless tops

12. Shorts

13. Anything which shows too much skin

14. High heels

15. Unkempt, long or full beards

16. Visible body piercings

17. Tattoos on show

18. Excessive make-up

19. Trainers

20. Novelty ties

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