Best Beard Instagram Accounts To Follow (For Hipsters And Obsessives)

Beards - not since the dawn of the Brazilian has hair been such a headline subject, but no one can seem to agree on whether they're in or out of fashion.

With 77% of voters deciding they're most definitely beard-loving in this recent poll, we're going to put our money on them staying in style for the foreseeable future.

So in the facial hair-themed spirit, we bring you our favourite beard-themed Instagram accounts (and even if you're not a fan, these may well convert you...)

1. @willitbeard - If it will fit in a beard, it will happen here.

Beard and Fall As requested by @neaapelqvist

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2. @Incredibeard - Proving you can make an impressive amount of things out of one beard.

3. @beardsandtats - Bearded, tattooed gentleman for your viewing pleasure.

4. @thegaybeard - Official originators of the magnificent glitter beard.

5. @beardbrand - The ultimate in beardspo curation.

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6. @drepic - A street photographer and fashion mogul with enviable style.

7. @lanedorsey - Another photographer who should definitely spend more time in front of the camera.

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8. @chrisjohnmillington - One of the UK's most famous bearded male models.

9. @billyhuxley - Another UK native, this heavily tattooed ASOS model will meet your beard needs

10. @curran_j - You'll want to shop his clothing brand Kings Rule Together after seeing it styled in these snaps.

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11. @lumbersexual - Warning: this account may make you want to immediately move to the Pacific Northwest.

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Ryan Dunn (RIP)

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