29/09/2015 08:14 BST | Updated 29/09/2015 08:59 BST

Greeks Gone West: Tales From The Thriving Greek Community In The U.S.

HuffPost Greece is proud to debut a new video series titled "Greeks Gone West."

Done in partnership with the U.S. Ambassador's office in Athens, the video series will examine the thriving Greek diaspora in the U.S., taking you into the lives of Greeks who are working and living all over the country.

The U.S. Ambassador to Greece, David D. Pearce, introduced the series in a blog post for HuffPost Greece:

Polls show that the number one concern of Greeks is jobs. Well, get ready for the job equivalent of speed-dating as we profile a Disney animator, a CNN producer, an engineer at Twitter, a YouTube strategist, and a motivational speaker. This is the U.S. as seen through the lens of employment, and as experienced by members of the diverse community of Greek origin.

What I like about these profiles is the honesty. The subjects don’t pretend things are easy, that every day is wine and roses. What comes through, though, is the sense of accomplishment they feel from finding their place in the world. There’s a compelling restlessness to their stories.

It’s clear, to steal the idea of Arianna Huffington, that they’ve found a way to thrive.

Check out the first episode above. And check back for new episodes each week.