Only the islands of Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Zakynthos and Kos maintain their exemption from quarantine requirements.
The transport secretary made the changes as part of a new regional approach to the self-isolation rules.
Manchester United footballer says he will launch an appeal against the verdict after an alleged brawl on Mykonos island.
What are they? Which countries could we travel to first? And what about the 14-day quarantine?
Could quarantine exemptions for Spain and Green make a summer holiday possible?
Holidaymakers in the coastal region of Halkidiki barely had time to run for cover as a rare, but very violent, storm hit the coast. Two children were among those killed and at least 100 people were injured. On the east coast of Italy, severe winds also sent beachgoers running to safety. At least 18 people were injured when hailstones as big as oranges battered the coast.
Alexis Tsipras rejected as country wrestles with debt.
In 2018, the virus infected 316 people in Greece and killed 50 locals.
Violence, protests and unrest are daily occurrences witnessed by the 7,000 children that have arrived on the Greek islands since January