The legislation faced strong opposition from the Greek church.
It comes as Downing Street continues to argue with Greece over the Elgin Marbles.
Diplomatic row over cancelled meeting between Rishi Sunak and Greek prime minister escalates.
In a Succession reference, one person said it was like having the UK run by Kendall Roy.
Greek leader compared the separation of the sculptures to the Mona Lisa being cut in half. That annoyed the British government.
There's been a "boom" in visitors from Spain, Italy and Greece, one UK business leader has said.
Downing Street is urging holidaymakers to stay in touch with their tour operators and the local authorities.
Temperatures are set to reach 45C on Friday and into the weekend, with alerts in place across Spain, Italy and Greece.
"When Boris Johnson said, 'Them’s the breaks’ he was talking about all his holidays."
'It’s probably the end of my career when I say I agree with George Osborne,' the Mayor of London joked.