Kickstarter Project Proposes New Laser Razor That Aims To Revolutionise Shaving

Shaving With LASERS Is An Actual Thing

Shaving with a blade is so last year, apparently.

A new Kickstarter project proposes that we all use laser razors instead. No, we are not making it up.

The Skarp Laser Razor is made for "21st century shaving," according to its developers who have raised over $1 million in funding through the crowdfunding website.

At first glance, the Laser Razor looks similar to the standard shaving tools we have all grown accustomed to.

However, creators Morgan Gustavsson and Paul Binun say their new device utilises a specific wavelength of light that affects particles in all types hair, known as chromophores, regardless of race, age or gender.

In order for the laser to work as razor, our tissue needs to be able to absorb light particles known as photons and this is where chromophores help. They essentially allow tissue to absorb these light particles.

Skarp technologies are not the first to think of laser hair removal. However, their home-made application of its science does poses some questions around safety. Mainly, are we going to burn our eyes out?

The team claim the laser's power will be too low to cause any damage and since it will not be entering the skin, just the hair, potential eye-burning risk is not high.

They also claim that since the each Laser Razor has a battery life of 50,000 hours, you won't need as many razors therefore, making the entire process more environmentally friendly.

The team have already 3D-printed plastic prototypes but have not said when the product will be introduced to market.

Happy "21st century" shaving everyone.


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