'Ambivalently Yours' Illustrations Prove You Can Be A Kick-Ass Feminist And Still Love Pink

These Illustrations Prove You Can Be A Feminist And Love Pink

You can believe in gender equality and still love makeup, fashion and the colour pink, as one talented artist is proving.

The anonymous artist, who runs the Tumblr account Ambivalently Yours, creates amusing, pink artwork based on feminist ideals.

She began creating the images at a time when she felt very ambivalent in her own life, studying towards a masters degree in feminist art while also working in the fashion industry.

"The two worlds seemed contradictory yet also a little complimentary. I wasn’t sure how to define myself, as I felt stuck in between two places that I could simultaneously relate to, but also felt a little excluded from," she tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

"I had this feeling that I couldn’t be a real feminist if I was into fashion and I couldn’t be a real fashion girl if I was a feminist.

"I eventually decided to stop trying to be either/or, but to instead embrace the contradictions and ambivalence in my life and remain neither and a little bit of both."

The artist saw her illustrations as "conversation starters" and began posting them online in order to make connections with others.

"In doing so, I hope to facilitate feminist conversations and empathetic alliances," she says. "In other words, I aim to help people feel a little less alone and I hope to feel a little less alone, too.

"These online connections give me courage and make my artistic practice a little less isolating."

The artist originally kept her true identity a secret in order to protect herself from the harsh world of internet trolls.

"The internet can be a volatile place and my work is always inspired by personal experiences, so I found that the only way I could be honest without making myself too vulnerable was to be anonymous," she explains.

"My anonymity was a form of self-preservation, which in turn gave me courage to be more daring in my art."

But now, she believes her anonymity allows Ambivalently Yours to make a stronger statement.

"Ambivalently Yours becomes less of a reflection of my personal self and more of a representation of the ideas behind the work. Ambivalently Yours is my more daring alter ego," she says.

Check out a few of our favourite illustrations below: