30/09/2015 15:07 BST | Updated 01/10/2015 06:59 BST

Facebook's New Profile Pages Will Allow Profile Videos, Cue Endless Possibilities

There are big changes ahead for our Facebook profiles.

On Wednesday, the world's biggest social network announced developments to the mobile versions of profile pages, previously neglected for the more prominent 'news feed'.

And it seems they've taken inspiration from Snapchat and Twitter.

Video profile pictures will both delight and annoy...

Profile videos are going to be a thing.

Like a snap on Snapchat, profile videos will enable users to do away with traditional photos and customise their profile in a wide variety of ways. They'll last for seven seconds.

Facebook employees trialling the feature have been rather inventive.

One has taken a video of them peaking out of a bush, another with a desk fan blowing their hair, and another whilst rolling around with their pets.

The opportunities will be endless - but will the feature begin to annoy people?

Facebook says of video pictures: "Profile pictures are not just static portraits. They represent what’s going in your life right now and what’s important to you, and we want to give people the tools to better express themselves in this way."

There will also be more opportunities to customise images through lenses and filters - much like the pride flag which 26 million users adopted in solidarity with LGBT+ causes.

Temporary profile pictures will be timed to end after an event, holiday, or simply when you fancy a change

Temporary profile pictures

New timed profile pictures will enable users to schedule pictures to begin and end during a set period of time.

For example, during a vacation, a user might upload a boastful picture of them on a beach - so friends know they aren't around.

New mobile profiles take inspiration from Twitter, with a short bio. There's also a featured picture section

Featured content and a short 'bio' space

Taking inspiration from Twitter, a short bio will appear at the top of mobile profile pages - allowing users to input a short piece of text that sums them up succinctly.

And there will be featured photos, as chosen by users, and will appear at the top of profiles.

Reaction has been, well, mixed