Free Divers Release Remarkable Images From Encounters With The Ocean's Wildlife

Two French free divers have collated a remarkable selection of photographs taken amid the ocean's wildlife. Alex Voyer and Alex Roubaud, veterans of the sport, captured pictures of whales, stingrays, turtles and even sharks on their dives. Submerging without equipment, they argue, allows them so witness the underwater environment in a different way.

"We are trying to move anywhere around the world to meet wonderful sea creatures which fascinated us," said Roubaud. "Our pictures usually show the interactions between the natural environment and free divers. We feel freer in the water than with tanks on our backs. Whilst we can perhaps not go as deep, but we can dive faster.

The duo, who live in Paris and how have been diving together for 10 years, approach the sport in a way that poses the least stress to the animals. "This is probably the most environmentally friendly and most discreet way to get in the water, and to approach any animal in its environment," Roubaud notes.

Free Diving With Wildlife