H&M Hijab-Wearing Model Mariah Idrissi On Muslims, Modesty And Fashion

H&M's Muslim Model On Hijabs, Modesty And Fashion

H&M's Close The Loop campaign made headlines for all the right reasons this month. The brand famously featured models of all ages, races, body types and religions in their latest fashion commercial - including Muslim model Mariah Idrissi.

The 23-year-old, who had never modelled before, was born and raised in London to a Pakistani mother and Moroccan rather. She is also a proud wearer of the hijab.

Idrissi says she has had people tell her modelling conflicts with traditional Islamic beliefs, but she strongly disagrees.

"I've seen a few comments where (people are) against it, but there's nothing that says there is anything against it. In our religion, anything that's not stated as forbidden is permissible," she told CNN.

"As long as I'm dressed correctly, according to Islam, then there's no problem. It's just promoting the hijab, in a way. If anything, it's good."

Idrissi isn't the only one keen to start a debate around the hijab's place in fashion - the designers behind Malaysian brand Mimpikita recently wore hijabs on the London Fashion Week catwalk.

"Being hijab wearers ourselves, we’re comfortable and proud of our personal styles so it’s no surprise that we love featuring models in chic, modest clothing," they told HuffPost UK Style.

"And in addition to that, we hope to represent and promote diversity in the fashion industry."

Hoping to encourage more diversity in fashion, Idrissi also shared her advice with other aspiring Muslim models.

"I would say, make sure your intentions are correct in terms of why you're doing it. Hijab isn't a fashion," she said. "We can adjust it to fashion but we have to remember that the sole purpose of the hijab is to be modest.

"If you know you haven't corrected your inside first, there's no point in putting a hijab on for the fashion side of it. Because then you're defeating the object."


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