As a little girl, Charlotte Lewis loved Christmas. But as she grew older, she realised there was something missing from the British festive experience.
"My mom is infinitely proud of all of her children, but I wonder if she wasn’t at that moment just a little bit ashamed of me."
"Veterinary medicine is one of the least diverse occupations in America."
The Labour MP says a diverse workforce that is paid fairly is more productive, better for the economy and creates a more just society.
After George Floyd was killed, many offices became superficially obsessed with diversity and inclusion — but what did that do for us?
This is the first time no white men have occupied the "great offices of state".
The Brexit opportunities minister said the roles were "a job creation scheme created by the woke for the woke".
Actors of colour in three TV series dominated 2022 Emmys nominations, but the total number of nonwhite nominees dropped from 2021.
Belfast, Succession and The Morning Show are among the top nominees of the year.