The dance troupe's Britain's Got Talent performance won some very high-profile support.
Despite the pandemic, the Britain's Got Talent judge is having her busiest year yet.
Around 24,500 people complained to the media watchdog over the dance troupe's Black Lives Matter-inspired routine.
Troupe leader Ashley Banjo recently shared shocking examples of racist abuse he's received since the performance aired.
New director general Tim Davie says corporation "must do better on diversity".
The Britain's Got Talent star has insisted she "never threatened to quit" the show.
The dance troupe recently performed a routine which referenced the Black Lives Matter on Britain's Got Talent.
The dance troupe leader insisted: "A lot of the negativity shows exactly why this performance was needed."
The Black Lives Matter-inspired routine was met with widespread praise, but also led to some viewers complaining to Ofcom.
The new rules, affecting films nominated for Best Picture, will not come into effect until 2024.