Sex Education star Simone Ashley has been cast as a main character in the second series of Bridgerton and South Asians are loving it.
By the end of the night, no actors of colour or LGBTQ actors had won any of the major acting awards.
People of colour need safe spaces to work, so ask these questions before you accept a job offer.
Job applications from people of underrepresented backgrounds increased by 118% in workplaces that did this.
The sitcom has long been criticised for its all-white central cast.
NBC has also announced it will not be broadcasting next year's ceremony.
Getty Images has revealed the top selling images for the term “woman” globally between the years 2007 and 2019.
Between Dancing (and stripping) On Ice, radio presenting and *that* BGT performance, it's been a jam-packed year for the Diversity star.
The dance troupe's routine on Britain's Got Talent sparked more than 24,000 complaints to Ofcom.