The media regulator has received over 1000 complaints since Saturday's performance, which won widespread praise from viewers.
The routine featured a police officer kneeling on lead dancer Ashley Banjo and the group taking a knee.
The prize will be named after the UK's first Black on-screen journalist Barbara Blake Hannah.
This week, Black Ballad is guest-editing HuffPost UK with a series by Black women on parenting, family, and our post-Covid future. In this special episode of Commons People, Arj Singh speaks with HuffPost UK's Nadine White, Black Ballad’s head of editorial, Jendella Benson and co-founder of the Five Times More campaign, Tinuke Awe to talk about the takeover and what Black Ballad's landmark motherhood survey shows about health inequality in Britain.
Games chiefs bowed to pressure from 51 community campaigners to make the board more representative of the diverse city.
From worrying you’re the ‘token hire’ to paranoia that you don’t deserve your job, this is what it’s like.
The award-winning sitcom ended in 2004 but is still available to stream on Netflix.
As a dark skinned Black woman from a working class background, I have had the experience of being the anomaly, broadcaster June Sarpong writes.
How diverse are the recipients, who include Ben Stokes, Olivia Newton-John, Nadiya Hussain and Iain Duncan Smith?