Peeple App Ratings Happen Without Your Knowledge Or Consent And People Are Very Angry

Peeple is a new app that will let everyone rate and review each other - including you and there's nothing you can do about it.

The app's current terms and conditions prevent people from opting-out from the service, meaning anyone can have a profile created for them and receive ratings and even 'reviews' both positive and negative.

In a bizarre twist on the LinkedIn endorsement, Peeple says it is a "positivity app for positive people" but that "negative" ratings of two stars or less will also appear on profiles. There will even be a dating function.

The app's frequently asked questions have to be seen to be believed.

And the weight of public opinion appears to be against the app in its current form.

And as a result, changes are expected before the app is released to the public.

The founders, wrote on Facebook on Wednesday: "We hear you loud and clear.

"You want the option to opt in or opt out. You don't want the ability for users to start your profiles even if you would only get positive reviews if they did (Our app does not allow negative reviews for unclaimed profiles)

"People are genuinely good even though Yelp has over 47 million reviews and all the users are anonymous and in that 47 million reviews there are 79% positive reviews. (We are not anonymous as users of the Peeple app which should make our positivity even higher than Yelp)

"You want this available on Android too (We are building it now)"

HuffPost UK has reached out to the founders for comment.

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