Dad Posts Video Of Baby Riding A Mini Segway Scooter Is Both Impressive And Depressing

In The Future We Won't Use Our Legs Anymore, And Here's The Proof

This is it, we're done. We've enjoyed the ride but now we'd like to get off please. We've tried to hold it off as long as possible but it appears as though it won't be the rising oceans that'll seal our fate as a race but a small dog, a child in a nappy and a dad who whose smugness is devastatingly misplaced.

A parent has posted a video clip showing what he claims is his infant child riding a tiny segway, a skill which apparently he has mastered before even being able to walk.

We're obviously calling out that last bit, the child can clearly walk, but the sheer fact that this vehicle is being used by a child who should be crawling, running and generally trying to break its own limbs is a crushing glimpse of the future.

Are we being a little dramatic? Without a doubt. But the fact remains that while fun these are almost going to replace the need to actually use our legs at all, because why would you do something so straining as bending your knees when two tiny wheels can do it and make you look like a really cool guy instead.

If this is the future, we're getting off.


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