Plastic Bag Charges 'Chaos' In Daily Mail And Mirror Prompt Predictable Internet Reactions

Many people had feared the carnage this day would bring, with both the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror predicting “chaos” as the new plastic bags charge came into force.

Bizarrely, the Mail's headline seemed to be outraged at the introduction of the charge, despite including the logo of their very own 'Banish The Bags' campaign and claims that it would "reduce the terrible damage to the environment caused by the billions of plastic bags given away every year".

The internet reacted predictably...

Welsh supermarkets have been charging 5p for a plastic bag since 2011 and, as a result, have seen 71% fewer single plastic bags used and a 57% reduction in the overall use of all bags due to a rise in reusable bags for life.

Furthermore, the 5p charges have raised an estimated £17 to £22 million in donations to good causes.

Using the Welsh statistics, an infographic from predicts that England can expect to use 5.4 billion fewer single use bags and between £425 and £550 million raised for good causes by the 5p charge.

HuffPost UK has gathered images of some of the most frightening scenes from the frontline of what the Manchester Evening News has branded a “revolution at the tills”.

Some people may find the following images upsetting…

Chaos As Plastic Bag Charge Is Introduced

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