Deformed 'Crocodile Buffalo' Creature Born In Thailand

A severely deformed buffalo calf is being touted as a sign of good luck in a Thai village.

Images of the animal, which mercifully died shortly after it was born, have been shared online, prompting speculation its scaly skin is a sign it is part reptilian.

The buffalo calf was born in the eastern village of Sisaket

One outlet went so far as to report villagers were being “terrorised” by the half-crocodile, half-buffalo creature.

Which is somewhat at odds with pictures revealing the quite dead animal sprawled on rush matting, surrounded by curious onlookers occasionally reaching out to touch it.

Villagers reportedly feel the animal will bring them luck

Thai news site Rath reported the creature’s birth in Sisaket.

Villagers are said to be visiting the animal’s corpse in the hope it will bring them luck in a local lottery scheme.

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