Designers Create World's First Full-Size Origami Cardboard Car Inspired By Lexus IS Saloon

Cardboard is, for all intensive purposes, a rather boring and unassuming material.

However, designers have manage to turn it into a full-size origami Lexus IS car that is reportedly drivable.

Design firm Scales and Models were commissioned by Lexus and 1700 sheets of card later, they unveiled the vehicle at the Toyota headquarters in Surrey.

If you're tempted to think it's just paper, hold fire. The cardboard model comes complete with working doors, LED lights and seat that you can sit on.

It is also fitted with an electric motor and rolling wheels allowing you to take it for a spin (but not in the rain).

The model took three months to create with a total of five people working together to craft the brown sheets using water-based wood glue.

Founder of Scales and Models told City A.M.:

"The seats took a few attempts to get just right and the wheels required a lot of refining.

"Once we could see the physical pieces taking shape, we could identify where we needed to make improvements – as with anything, there were some elements of trial and error, but as we had all the resources we needed in-house, this made the changes easier to produce.”

World's first origami car is unveiled

Lexus IS Cardboard Car