Drunk College Student Begs For Macaroni Cheese, Assaults Workers, Gets Arrested

Incredible footage of a US college teenager aggressively seen pushing, shoving and spitting in the face of a cafeteria employee after being denied macaroni cheese surfaced online on Tuesday.

The University of Connecticut student entered campus-based 'Union Street Market' on Monday demanding to be served a meal, but was quickly asked to leave by the on-duty manager for carrying an open bottle of alcohol.

The unidentified 19-year-old, clad in a fleece jacket and shower slippers, quickly turned nasty, calling the worker a "fucking idiot" and a "fucking retard".

Once he realised a camera was filming the encounter, the perpetrator remarked: "This is going to be posted somewhere, and you're going to look like a fucking tool, because you're a fucking fag."

The nine-minute video ends after a series of assaults cause another shop worker to pile in and wrestle the student to the floor.

Police soon arrived, handcuff and lead the teen out of the building, but not before he is heard moaning: "Fuck. I am absolutely fucked. Fuck... Shit..."

The service manager, who remained calm and composed throughout the incident, picks up the boy's keys and hands them to an officer.

"Those are my fucking keys, put them in my fucking pocket you prick," the student screams, before proceeding to spit on him.

He is then swiftly ejected from the building, to applause from on-lookers.

One website described the Freshman as a "venomous spoiled rotten rich kid", commenting: "If this kid was any other race and was not backed by (safe to presume) his family’s pocketbooks and hired legal power, the entire restaurant would have pummeled him".

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