Citizen Mars, Episode 3: The People We Leave Behind

Going On A One-Way Trip To Mars? What About The People You Leave Behind

In 2018 the first Mars One probe will land on the red planet. Just two years later and another spacecraft will land, carrying life-support equipment, supplies and a habitat within which people can live.

Then in 2025 the first humans will land - finalists who entered the Mars One competition to become the first colonists on another planet.

They will be leaving everything behind in order to make history. While this is a huge emotional undertaking for anyone, the truth is that it'll be just as much of a commitment for those they leave behind. Friends, family members.

100 applicants are left, of which just 24 finalists will be chosen.

In the first of a new five-part series, Citizen Mars will meet these people, try to understand the motives for their applying and ultimately better understand the kind of person that's willing to give everything up on the off chance that should the money be raised they'll be leaving Earth forever.

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