Incredible Moment Caught On Camera As A Kingfisher Strikes Its Prey

With breathtaking skill this dedicated bird proves that he really is the king of the fishers.

In a blur of colour the kingfisher's speeding shape plummets through the air before disappearing into the water and moments later it emerges triumphantly with a struggling fish clutched in its beak.

The moment was captured by wildlife photographer Paul Sawer at a pond in Suffolk, fishing Kingfishers normally perch on a high vantage point above the water to enable them to spot a potential meal in an instant.

Once a fish is spotted, the bird will drop at speeds of around 40mph in an aerodynamic arrow shape - cleanly breaking the water and grabbing hold of its unsuspecting prey, carrying a weight about half its own, the Kingfisher then lifts itself from the water and returns to its perch to enjoy its meal.

Kingfisher Catches Fish

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