Man Caught In Viral Facebook Cheating Storm Speaks Out, Calls Girl He Was Photographed Kissing A 'Liar'

Man Caught In Facebook Cheating Storm Speaks Out

Correction: Matty Steven was originally quoted as telling a local newspaper in Manchester that him and his girlfriend "were on a break". The news source has since been in contact to say that this quote wasn't correct and it has now been removed.

A man has broken his silence after a Facebook post he was featured in went viral and appeared to expose him cheating on his girlfriend.

Matty Steven from Wythenshawe was photographed kissing a girl on a night out.

Much to his despair, the girl he "cheated" with, Pippa McKinney, posted a Facebook plea the following morning to find him. And it soon went viral.

McKinney was left shocked when a girl claiming to be Steven's girlfriend, Emily Grant, commented on the Facebook photo saying it was her boyfriend she was smooching. Ouch.

Now, after the love affair unfolded in front of the internet's watchful eyes, Matty Steven has finally spoken out.

Matty Steven

On 6 October he wrote on Facebook: "This has gone way past a joke I have tried to stay quiet but I think it's about time people get my side... The truth!

"How many times has this story changed!? Fame seeker, a lier [sic] and a very strange girl!!

"This is a major setup! Watch this space! #shameforfame."

McKinney, 22, met Steven in AXM club in Manchester on her birthday night out. The next day, she woke up to find she'd taken his number down wrong and couldn't get in touch with him.

She uploaded a photo of her and Steven to Facebook with the caption: "Met this guy last night absolutely stunning, took his number down wrong but would love to get to see him again! He's from Whythenshaw and is called Matt, help anyone haha??"

It wasn't long before the post had gone viral.

But, much to McKinney's dismay, she soon found out that her potential love interest wasn't such a catch after all after Grant commented on the Facebook post.

McKinney wrote in a comment afterwards that she "couldn't believe it". She added that if she'd known he was in a relationship she wouldn't have "gone there", but he'd told her he was single.

Meanwhile Grant wrote: "Feel like joining in with the comments, just wanna say a quick thank you to Pippa for informing me. Ay at least 1 good thing came out of this.... I get to save money this Christmas & don't have to buy him any prezzies!!"

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