80s-Themed Engagement Shoot With Shoulder Pads And Tom Selleck Moustache Is Brilliantly Awkward

If you remember a time when perms, Super Mario and high tops were a thing, then you're going to love this.

A couple have shared their awkward engagement shoot pictures with a very special theme - the 1980s.

The photographs were uploaded to Imgur by user 'icanseeyou201' with the caption: "My friends just got engaged; the photos are magical."

And we'd be inclined to agree.

While most engagement shoots make you want to either snore or vomit into a bag, this one makes you physically cringe. And it's great.

The guy, with his Tom Selleck tache, looks a real treat in his palm tree print shirt. His tragic stance and hover hands are perfection.

Meanwhile the woman is rocking a turquoise dress with shoulder pads that would make any woman jealous. As for her facial expressions? They're bang on.

Next up, the guy who had an engagement shoot with a burrito...

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[H/T Metro]