Citizen Mars, Episode 4: How Do You Be A 'People Person' 54 Million Kilometres From Home

How Do You Be A 'People Person' When You're 54 Million Kilometres From Home

Mars One candidates have made an extraordinary commitment. They have said that if and when the technology becomes available they will travel to Mars, live together on the planet and never return to Earth. It's a one-way trip.

That commitment requires not only that they give up they lives on Earth, but their way of life as well. They'll be living in a habitat, surrounded by people they'll have to get on with because when you're 54 million kilometres from Mars, there's nowhere to go and calm down.

So what kind of human does it take to be a Mars One candidate? In this episode of Citizen Mars, we try to find out.

100 applicants are left, of which just 24 finalists will be chosen.

In the fourth of a new five-part series, Citizen Mars will meet these people, try to understand the motives for their applying and ultimately better understand the kind of person that's willing to give everything up on the off chance that should the money be raised they'll be leaving Earth forever.

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