ISS Experiment Captures Liquid In Space Using 4K RED Camera

No This Fizzing Ball Isn't Some Alien Discovery, It's A Stunning ISS Experiment

If there's one thing the RED 4K camera was built for, it was capturing footage in space.

Having become almost the industry standard in Hollywood, this ultra-high definition camera is now aboard the International Space Station capturing the weird and wonderful world of zero gravity.

Astronaut Scott Kelly, having taken a break from almost permanently making us jealous of him on Twitter has put the 4K camera to good use as part of an experiment that observes how liquid behaves in zero gravity.

Kelly first applies a number of dyes to the ball of water to watch how the solution mixes. Finally, he places an effervescent tablet into the floating ball.

What follows is a sight that wouldn't look out of place from the upcoming Alien prequel by Ridley Scott with the deep green ball bubbling its way through the station, fizzing out particles of water and gas.

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