Bristol Fire: More Than 100 University Students Forced Out Of Homes Following Huge Blaze

More than 100 students have been forced out of their homes after a blaze ripped through the roof of their accommodation block in Bristol city centre on Monday afternoon.

The fire broke out at around 1pm in a university residence on Colston Street, causing students to be evacuated from their flats, while they watched their bedrooms "go up in flames".

It is thought the fire started after a student left a burning pan of oil unattended, although this has yet to be confirmed by emergency services.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, 23-year-old student Josh Conroy said: "I'm looking at my bedroom go up in flames. It's pretty shocking. I was coming out of my lecture when I got a text – rumour has it it was an oil fire."

"There's thousands of pounds worth of clothes and DJ equipment in there – so it's pretty bad."

Posting on Facebook, Bristol student Chanté Joseph thanked friends for offering to home her while alternative accommodation is sought.

"I don't have anything or even know the condition of my things. I was living on the first floor and the fire happened on the 5th floor so I'm praying that my stuff is alright. At least I'm safe and it didn't happen at night and no one was harmed."

A University of Bristol spokesperson said all 121 students living in the flats have been found temporary housing, and have been suplied with bedding, toiletries, food and clothing. Although the fire has been extinguished, Avon Fire Service said the building is still unsafe.

Area manager Mark Anderson added: "It was a concern to us how fast that fire went through the roof and we'll be talking to the university about their buildings."

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