13/10/2015 13:28 BST | Updated 13/10/2015 13:59 BST

'Game Of Thrones' Actress Emilia Clarke Named 'Sexiest Woman Alive'

Emilia Clarke has been given the title of "sexiest woman alive", by Esquire magazine.


Emilia follows in the footsteps of Penelope Cruz, Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson, who have all named "sexiest woman" by the magazine in past years, with the 'Game Of Thrones' actress posing for an accompanying photo-shoot with the magazine, looking decidedly different from her TV character.

In fact, those unfamiliar with Emilia away from her role as the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, in the fantasy series, will no doubt be surprised to see her white-blonde hair and medieval clothes are gone.

emilia clarke

Emilia Clarke for Esquire

Instead, she’s seen in a series of provocative poses, while sporting her naturally-brown hair in a short style.


Emilia ponders whether she's left the iron on, but still looks fabulous

During her interview with the magazine, she admits that the differences between real-life self and her character weren’t an issue before going for the part, claiming: "My agent calls me up and says, 'Did you ever go up for Game of Thrones?’…My agent told the casting director, 'I know that the breakdown for this character is tall and willowy and blonde. I know she's short and round and brown, but I'd like you to see her.'

“I had two scenes which told me nothing and not very much time in which to read all those [George R. R. Martin] books. So I did what every good actor does and Wikipedia'd the living crap out of it.”


Read her full interview, and see the rest of Emilia’s amazing photo-shoot, on the Esquire website by clicking here.

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