QUIZ: Can You Recognise These Action Movies From A Single Frame? Test Your Knowledge In Our Nostalgia Quiz

Can you recognise an action movie from a single frame? Lots of people in this office believe they wouldn't be able to.

With the home release of 'Jurassic World', we decided to put this to the test... how many of these action movies going back over the last three decades can you recognise from a single freeze-frame? In actual fact, no one in our office has got less than half of these right, including contestants who don't consider themselves filmbuffs at all, or even go to the flicks that often.

How have these stills entered their subconscious? A triumph of marketing? Branding? Maybe all those mega-bucks that go into action films these days don't go to waste after all. See how YOU do in our nostalgic quiz below... just click on the image that matches the title and see how many you get right!

'Jurassic World' arrives on Blu-Ray™ & DVD from 19th October and is available on Digital HD now.

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